Assignment Four – Submission to Tutor

October 24, 2014


Today I have submitted my fourth assignment to my tutor….only one more to go now! I submitted the latest form of the image/text pairings for Lifting the Curtain  in the form of a book. This may not be the final form but was a convenient way of showing the work at this stage. Click on the […]

Assignment Five: Presentation of ‘Lifting the Curtain’

October 23, 2014


I agreed with Sharon my tutor that I would prepare a scope of work for my final YOP assignment which will be about presentation of my work, Lifting the Curtain. On the subject of presentation, I was very taken by this observation by Angela Kelly in her essay Book, Exhibition, Lecture, Website – Revisiting Catharsis: Images of Post-Conflict […]

Lifting the Curtain – Photographic Influences

October 22, 2014


As a photographic work, ‘Lifting the Curtain’ is multilayered. At its heart it is essentially documentary. The photographs record the urban landscape of East London as it is today but also evoke as sense of the past, revealing remnants of older phases of urban development mixed in with present day architecture, signage and  ‘street furniture’. It is also a […]

Umberto Eco – Opera Aperta (The Open Work)

October 20, 2014


I have been much influenced in my thinking about ‘Lifting the Curtain’ by Umberto Eco’s ideas of ‘openness’ in works of art as  set out in his seminal work Opera Aperta  (The Open Work). Eco’s work was first published in 1962. My analysis is based on a 1989 English translation  published by Harvard University Press (1) […]

Barthes – Rhetoric of the Image

October 9, 2014


This is my second post discussing the relevance of Barthes writing on photographic meaning for my ‘Lifting the Curtain’ project. Once again my source is Barthes book ‘Image Music Text’ (1) and in this case his essay ‘Rhetoric of the Image’. (2) The essay concerns itself with the question ‘How does meaning get into the image?’ […]

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Barthes – The Photographic Message

October 8, 2014


As I explained in my previous post, over the next few posts I plan to document the key influences on my ‘Lifting the Curtain’ work. I will look at this both in terms of the ideas of critical thinkers and the work of other photographers. Barthes book ‘Image Music Text’ has been of particular relevance. (1) […]

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Nadav Kander – Dust

October 3, 2014


Yesterday I went along to Flowers Gallery on the Kingsland Road in Hackney to see an exhibition of Nadav Kander’s latest work, Dust. The title of the work comes from a T S Eliot quotation ‘I will show you fear in a handful of Dust’. Fear in this case relates to the nature of the places represented – three […]

East London Project – Bethnal Green Shoot

October 2, 2014


I am getting close to the end of shooting for the East London Project. Whilst I fully expect to keep making images right up until the end, from now on this will be directed at trying to improve existing images, rather than exploring completely new sites. Last night I visited what might prove to be my […]

East London Project – on to Assignment Four

September 29, 2014


Following the feedback for Assignment three (see my previous post here), I decided to take stock of where I had reached with my East End work. I had two questions to consider: Would the project work better by simply using the images without text? Sharon suggested that I look at the images themselves to see what they […]

‘Lifting the Curtain’ – photographs published

September 1, 2014


Three of my image/text pairings from ‘Lifting the Curtain’ have just been published in Hashtag Photography Magazine – an online photographic magazine. I found the publication when I noticed that RobTM a fellow OCA student had some photographs from  his ‘A Forest’ series published in the last edition of the magazine. Rob was a fellow […]

More [(6)] Publicity and OCA video

August 27, 2014


This post is a catch up to document some publicity I received for the [(6)] exhibition. First of all, I had an article about my Ironman Family series published on the blog of the main UK bases triathlon magazine. It can be viewed here: Second, the OCA released a video of the exhibition featuring […]

Lifting the Curtain – re-examining the image/text concept

August 26, 2014


In her feedback on Assignment Three, my tutor Sharon gave me a number of very useful pointers for putting together the image/text pairings which I summarised in a previous post as follows: Clarify exactly how I want the viewer/reader to engage with the work and how his or her participation is needed to complete it. It would […]

More prospecting in East London

August 7, 2014


Whilst I have been deliberating on how I am going to proceed with the East London Project, I have been continuing to make images. To some extent the images will inform my decision on how to go forward. I also had an encouraging meeting with Toynbee Hall. How I might show the work is also […]

East London Images without Texts

July 31, 2014


First it is important to say that I remain committed to working with image and text for my East End work. And that as my source of text I am keen to retain the link with Charles Booth’s work. This commitment is based on my wish to pursue a more innovative form for the work […]

Assignment Three Submission and Feedback

July 28, 2014


A little while ago I submitted my material for Assignment Three to Sharon my tutor. I have now had feedback from her and this posts documents both my submission and the feedback. The submission comprised of four elements. Two projects which are a prescribed part of the coursework for YOP. An updated artist statement and […]

Lifting the Curtain – update 20th July 2014

July 20, 2014


I have continued to work on my East London project  now called ‘Lifting the Curtain’. I am pretty well advanced and have reached a stage where I have decided to open a dialogue with Toynbee Hall in East London about the possibility of staging an exhibition in conjunction with them (preferably on their premises). The […]

[(6)] Publicity

July 19, 2014


I have managed to gain some publicity for the [(6)] exhibition. So far this has included: Big Issue of the North photo and mention of the exhibition: The Photofusion Blog: Printspace Blog:   I am also hoping for an article to be published on the blog of 220 Triathlon magazine….watch this space.    

Bank Street Arts Installation

July 6, 2014


We spent a full day yesterday in Sheffield installing the [(6)] exhibition. I’ve learned a lot from this experience about setting up an exhibition (methods of fixing photographs and their relative cost and ease of installation), laying out an exhibition space (no substitute for visiting the location, aligning the midpoints of the pictures – 157 cm […]

East London Work – Critical Context

July 4, 2014


It is time for me to start working on documenting the critical context for my East London work. The influences on my work fall into two categories: photographers whose works have inspired me (aesthetically and conceptually) and critical writing which has informed my conceptualisation. I plan to present reviews of these influences on this blog. […]

[(6)] Exhibition dates extended….

July 4, 2014


Don’t forget to come along to the [(6)] exhibition in Sheffield, if you can. The exhibition is now running from 9th July until 1st August 2014. My I am an Ironman  and Ironman Family photographs will be on show along with excellent work from five other photographers.

Back to work, back to East London….

July 4, 2014


It has been a while since I have posted to the blog. I have not stopped working on my OCA YOP course but have certainly slowed down whilst I have been on my travels and have been preparing for the upcoming exhibition in Sheffield, which is now going to run until the end of July… […]

Le Mans Diversion

June 17, 2014


Just got back from my holidays…first Hawaii and then the Le Mans 24 Hours race. Neither was a photo trip but took along my Leica M with a 50 mm lens. Travelling light. Le Mans could not have been more of a contrast with the earlier Silverstone trip (see here). Darkness and crowds are my […]

Map of East London ‘Booth’ locations

May 15, 2014


Below is a map of the current state of play in terms of the geographic locations of the urban landscapes I am looking to make for my East London project. The red dots are locations where I have a text and have made a photograph which I am happy with (at least for now). The […]

Assignment Two Tutor Feedback

May 15, 2014


I have now received feedback from Sharon on my last assignment. We followed up her written report with a telephone conversation in which I updated her on my change of direction with the East London work. I am pleased to say that she was happy with how I now plan to take the work forward. Sharon’s […]

East End Prospecting – Working Practice

May 13, 2014


Thought it would be worthwhile documenting my working practice for prospecting for images in East London. The first step is desk research. My aim now is to try to get a broad spread of references from Booth’s survey. I would like to include the various industries he reviewed, get a broad geographic  spread and coverage of the […]

the velvet cell

May 13, 2014


I had some time to kill yesterday on my way to the Photographers Gallery so I popped into Foyles Bookshop on Charing Cross Road. It has a great selection of photographic books, including some very small run publications. I came across a number of books by a publishing house called the velvet cell. I bought a couple […]

Portraits in Context

May 13, 2014


I have once again changed the title for my portraiture work with women landscape photographers. I am keen that the title represents the work as an exploration of how the background setting can inform the reading of a portrait. I will need to submit my latest work on this project to Sharon at the end of […]

Deutsche Borse Prize and Exhibition

May 13, 2014


I went along to the Photographers’ Gallery for the announcement  of the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize (a perk of being an Associate Member of the Gallery). I also had the time to have a good look around the exhibition before it got too busy. Before going along I had looked at the PG website and […]

Project five an impartial view

May 11, 2014


For project five the student is asked to document a subject in as objective a manner as possible without skewing the presentation to a particular point of view. I decided to explore the question of impartiality in relation to one of my ongoing projects in which I have been making portraits of landscape photographers.(I have […]

Anna Fox – OCA Study Group

May 8, 2014


Yesterday I attended an OCA Study Group in the OCA Farnham, where Anna Fox gave a presentation about her photography. Prior to the event, we had been advised to review Anna’s website here and a recent interview she gave published on American Suburb X here. These also serve as a reference point for my thoughts on […]

A possible new beginning…

May 4, 2014


As I indicated in the last post I have been having some serious reservations about the originality of my approach to my East End project. I outlined two alternative directions in which I could take the work. The second of these was to base my series on Charles Booth’s 1889 survey of East London. The […]

East End work…..doubts creeping in….

May 2, 2014


I have had a good hard look at my East End work to date and I have to say that I am beginning to have some significant reservations. First the good news: I am very happy with the aesthetic approach of shooting in low light creating high contrast, mostly dark images. The effect is quite […]

More images for Umbra Sumus

April 24, 2014


Out again this morning shooting early. It is quite tricky to get the shots I am looking for. I was up at 3.45 am and in the car headed for London just after 4 am. An hour later I was parked up and on my way to my location for the morning – The Highway. […]

A diversion…

April 21, 2014


I spent yesterday watching the World Endurance Car Championships at Silverstone. I a fan of this kind of sports car racing and yesterday’s event was very significant as it signalled a return to the top flight of this form of car racing by Porsche in the form of a prototype racing car (the top class). […]

Umbra Sumus 14th April Shoot

April 14, 2014


I have added two more image/text combinations to my select pool. Both images have some minor defects but not sure if I can overcome these if I were to reshoot the images. The first  photograph is of the bottom end of Brick Lane close to where a a nail bomb exploded in 1999 (the bomb […]

Umbra Sumus – latest photo edit and future locations

April 11, 2014


I have now narrowed down my edit to 15 photographs. I am content with the locations of these photographs and have identified texts to accompany each. This is still however an early edit. I want to revisit several of the sites and try again to make a photograph which I am convinced is a keeper. […]

Jochen Lempert

April 11, 2014


I was struck by a recent post that Sharon made on the OCA blog. It is about Jochen Lempert, a photographer who has  been shortlisted for the 2014 Deutsche Borse Photography Prize. Click on photograph below to see Sharon’s article. A paragraph at the end of Sharon’s article particularly attracted my attention because of its […]

Umbra Sumus – another poster option

April 8, 2014


In this version of a potential poster I have retained the black border (this seems to work well with the theme of shadows) and have toned down the colour of the lettering. This gives a more subdued look…..

Umbra Sumus simple poster designs

April 7, 2014


Further to my previous post on presentation approaches (see here), I have prepared some mock-ups of possible poster designs for the Umbra Sumus Pop-Up Gallery. Posters typical have a bold design aimed at capturing the attention of an audience. There is however a trend in popular culture in which artworks are reproduced in an inexpensive […]

Umbra Sumus – reflections on work to date

April 6, 2014


It’s time to take stock of how my concept for my East End London (Umbra Sumus) is working in practice. The conceptual basis for the work is intended to operate as follows: The subject is the transient nature of immigration in London’s East End. This is to be represented through a series of photographs of […]

David George – Shadows of Doubt

April 3, 2014


At the Uncertain States exhibition back in November  (see here) I learned about another exhibition of photographs of London’s East End, Archive Imagined East End, which was due to take place at Hoxton Hall in November. The exhibition featured photographs by Don McCullin, Ian Farrant, Spencer Rowell, David George, Mick Williamson, Tom Hunter and Stephen […]

Assignment Two

April 2, 2014


After what seems an awful long time I have now completed all the work I planned for Assignment Two and have sent this off to Sharon for feedback. The package I submitted included the following: Critical Review Text My critical review entitled CONTEXT AND MEANING IN DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY – A COMPARATIVE STUDY. In this I reviewed two […]

Bank Street Arts Exhibition

April 2, 2014


Things have progressed on the exhibition at Bank Street Arts and it looks like it is going to go ahead from the 9th – 19th July 2014 (and possibly longer until the end of July). We have  a name for the exhibition [(6)] and a website – click on photo below to visit.     We […]

Umbra Sumus – Posters and a Pop Up Gallery

March 30, 2014


Re-writing my artists statement for my East End project (Umbra Sumus), has prompted me to think again about how I might present the work. My thoughts to date have centred on high quality gallery prints of the image text panels. However, having re-positioned my work to be an exploration of the ephemeral nature of immigration in […]

Umbra Sumus – Artists Statement Update

March 28, 2014


I have looked again at my artist statement for Umbra Sumus (I appear to have fixed on this as the title for my East End Work). Here is the latest version which updates the critical context for the work and seeks the position the work as an exploration of the ephemeral nature of immigration in […]


March 21, 2014


Whilst my mind is still turning on landscape photography I thought I would document here some recent investigations I’ve made into the question of why some ‘romantic’ landscape photography has been well received by the art community, whereas most have been dismissed as needless idealisations. For the purposes of this analysis I have focused on […]


Back to Work

March 20, 2014


I have been absent from this blog and productive work on my degree course for around five weeks. My time has been spent on other pursuits – three weeks training hard in Lanzarote for upcoming triathlon races, a few days at home catching up on life, a week in Scotland walking and photographing the landscape […]

Student Exhibition

February 11, 2014


I have joined a group of level 3 students at the OCA who are planning to stage an exhibition in June this year at the Bank Street Arts Gallery in Sheffield. At this stage the venue is not confirmed but as I am going to be tied up for a few weeks I thought I […]

Critical Review – progress update

February 6, 2014


I have been spending a lot of time considering the critical framework for my review and researching my first photographer/work Roberts Frank/The Americans. It has become very clear to me even at this early stage that if I am to do each of my three chosen works justice my final text will be extremely long […]

East End Project – Image/text selections for now

January 13, 2014


I’ve decided to put my current deliberations on image selection and how to present the image/text pairings on hold for now as I am falling behind on the work I need to do for my Critical Review. I have selected 13 images which work for me at least in principle. Some of the images I […]


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