Arles 2013 -In retrospect

Posted on December 29, 2015


Back in July 2013 I visited Rencontre D’Arles. It was an excellent if exhausting experience. I documented the exhibitions I visited in two blog posts here and here.

During my stay I made a series of photographs with Fomapan 400 120 black and white film, using two cameras – a plastic Holga and a much more sophisticated Fuji GF670.

Some two and a half years later I finally developed the film. It has been a wonderful experience reviewing my images from back then. I had forgotten what a joy it is to review film at a significant delay from the time when it was shot….I must do more of this!!

I had two aims in mind. The first was to capture the atmosphere of the Grand-Hotel Nord-Pinus where we stayed. It is a wonderful old place with lots of art and photography on the walls, dark corners and old architecture. It is right in the centre of Arles and I can thoroughly recommend it. These three Holga images capture something of the mystique of the place.

Les Chaussons Rouge

Grand-Hotel Nord-Pinus #1 ©Keith Greenough 2013

Les Chaussons Rouge-2

Grand-Hotel Nord-PInus #2

Les Chaussons Rouge-3

Grand-Hotel Nord-Pinus #3

The second series of images were about how Rencontre D’Arles the photographic festival is embedded in Arles, the place. This is a selection of the images I made.

Les Chaussons Rouge-4

Les Chaussons Rouges

Scooter, Arles 2013


Dossier Presse, Arles 2013

Dossier Presse

Quatre rives & un regard, Arles 2013

Quatre rives & un regard

Man, Arles 2013


Vernissage, Arles 2013


Allemagne mon Amour, Arles 2013

Allemagne mon Amour

5 Photographers, Arles 2013

5 Photographers

Girl, Arles 2013


Culture et Valium, Arles 2013

Culture et Valium