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Critical Review Updated

February 11, 2015


In Assignment Two I presented my Critical Review text to my tutor for review. My chosen subject was ‘CONTEXT AND MEANING IN DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY – A Comparative Study’. In her feedback my tutor suggested a number of changes to the text to improve the flow and to add more depth. I subsequently amended the text and […]

Tate Modern – Conflict-Time-Photography

February 6, 2015


I have been looking forward to this exhibition for some time. The concept of the exhibition has quite an overlap with my own work in East London. My own work does not deal with conflict, but does pose questions about what a photograph of a present day place can say, if anything, about what happened […]

Jochen Lempert

April 11, 2014


I was struck by a recent post that Sharon made on the OCA blog. It is about Jochen Lempert, a photographer who has  been shortlisted for the 2014 Deutsche Borse Photography Prize. Click on photograph below to see Sharon’s article. A paragraph at the end of Sharon’s article particularly attracted my attention because of its […]

Assignment Two

April 2, 2014


After what seems an awful long time I have now completed all the work I planned for Assignment Two and have sent this off to Sharon for feedback. The package I submitted included the following: Critical Review Text My critical review entitled CONTEXT AND MEANING IN DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY – A COMPARATIVE STUDY. In this I reviewed two […]

Critical Review – progress update

February 6, 2014


I have been spending a lot of time considering the critical framework for my review and researching my first photographer/work Roberts Frank/The Americans. It has become very clear to me even at this early stage that if I am to do each of my three chosen works justice my final text will be extremely long […]

Critical Review – and the title is….

December 18, 2013


In her feedback on my proposal for a Critical Review my tutor Sharon made the following observation: ‘ I’d like to know from the title what it is about documentary or context and meaning that you would like to compare’. This is an excellent starting point from which to construct the process I will use to […]

YOP Assignment One – Feedback from Tutor

December 5, 2013


Sharon responded very quickly to my submission and also spent some time reviewing the content of this blog. Her comments on both are included in the pdf note below: Keith Greenough YOP1 Sharon Feedback I have presented below a summary of her comments and my immediate response….some will take longer to respond to… Project one […]

YOP Assignment One – Submission to tutor

December 5, 2013


As agreed in my work plan my submission for Assignment One included the following: project one on Gestalt in composition, an artists statement and a few photographs for the Another Hawaii project (I have used images from this work for the Gestalt in composition project) my proposal for a Critical Review, my major project proposal […]

First Draft of Proposal for Critical Study

October 31, 2013


This post contains the text of the first draft of my proposal for the Critical Review I have to undertake as part of Photography 3: Your Own Portfolio: PROPOSAL FOR CRITICAL REVIEW The Photography 3: Your Own Portfolio course calls for the student to carry out a critical review based on researching a particular photographer […]

YOP Critical Review….lots of indecision

October 26, 2013


In my last post on my plan of work for YOP I suggested a theme for the Critical Review which I have to undertake as part of YOP. My expressed intention was to explore ‘the issue of photographic meaning and how this is influenced by associating an image with other  images and with text as […]