Assignment Two

Posted on April 2, 2014


After what seems an awful long time I have now completed all the work I planned for Assignment Two and have sent this off to Sharon for feedback. The package I submitted included the following:

Critical Review Text

My critical review entitled CONTEXT AND MEANING IN DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY – A COMPARATIVE STUDY. In this I reviewed two documentary works The Americans by Robert Frank and Afghanistan by Simon Norfolk. For both of these, I considered how the context within which the work was made and the context within which it was presented influenced photographic meaning. A PDF version of the document I submitted is available by clicking the link below:

Critical Review Text final version

Project Three Experiments in Key

This comprised of the work I undertook for Project Three which was about experimenting with high and low key black and white conversions of images. I modified the scope of this work to be more useful for my major project and experimented with some early images from my East End work. What I was particularly interested in was to see how a black and white rendering of the images might work and to consider if this is a path I should follow for my East End work. Undertaking the project in this way helped me to move forward my thinking on the major project, which I felt would be of much greater value than a practical exercise in Photoshop black and white conversion as the course notes suggested.

In fact I did the body of this work some time ago and have posted some images in the form of a video previously, see here. Over the last week I have drawn together and documented the work. This analysis was a major driver behind my decision to shoot my East End urban landscapes in twilight or at night. The covering notes for my Project Three submission is available as a PDF (click the link below).

Project three Experiments in Key

Umbra Sumus Status and Latest Image/Text panels

I submitted a status report on my East End (Umbra Sumus) Project, which draws together thoughts from several recent posts. A PDF of this is available below:


I also included high resolution copies of the latest image/text panels as in the contact sheet below:

Umbra Sumus ©Keith Greenough2014

Umbra Sumus
©Keith Greenough 2014


I am now aiming to make a few more early morning trips to the East End. I have identified several more locations that I need to visit. I also want to make some test images in poster format as per my previous post here. Another priority is to start to formally review the work of other photographers and critical texts that are relevant to my East End project. I have a large backlog of work in this regard. I am also trying to secure dates from several landscape photographers who have agreed to be subjects for my portraiture project. So lots to do!!