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Assignment Four – Submission to Tutor

October 24, 2014


Today I have submitted my fourth assignment to my tutor….only one more to go now! I submitted the latest form of the image/text pairings for Lifting the Curtain  in the form of a book. This may not be the final form but was a convenient way of showing the work at this stage. Click on the […]

Assignment Five: Presentation of ‘Lifting the Curtain’

October 23, 2014


I agreed with Sharon my tutor that I would prepare a scope of work for my final YOP assignment which will be about presentation of my work, Lifting the Curtain. On the subject of presentation, I was very taken by this observation by Angela Kelly in her essay Book, Exhibition, Lecture, Website – Revisiting Catharsis: Images of Post-Conflict […]

East London Project – on to Assignment Four

September 29, 2014


Following the feedback for Assignment three (see my previous post here), I decided to take stock of where I had reached with my East End work. I had two questions to consider: Would the project work better by simply using the images without text? Sharon suggested that I look at the images themselves to see what they […]

Lifting the Curtain – re-examining the image/text concept

August 26, 2014


In her feedback on Assignment Three, my tutor Sharon gave me a number of very useful pointers for putting together the image/text pairings which I summarised in a previous post as follows: Clarify exactly how I want the viewer/reader to engage with the work and how his or her participation is needed to complete it. It would […]

East London Work – Critical Context

July 4, 2014


It is time for me to start working on documenting the critical context for my East London work. The influences on my work fall into two categories: photographers whose works have inspired me (aesthetically and conceptually) and critical writing which has informed my conceptualisation. I plan to present reviews of these influences on this blog. […]

Assignment Two Tutor Feedback

May 15, 2014


I have now received feedback from Sharon on my last assignment. We followed up her written report with a telephone conversation in which I updated her on my change of direction with the East London work. I am pleased to say that she was happy with how I now plan to take the work forward. Sharon’s […]

East End work…..doubts creeping in….

May 2, 2014


I have had a good hard look at my East End work to date and I have to say that I am beginning to have some significant reservations. First the good news: I am very happy with the aesthetic approach of shooting in low light creating high contrast, mostly dark images. The effect is quite […]

Umbra Sumus 14th April Shoot

April 14, 2014


I have added two more image/text combinations to my select pool. Both images have some minor defects but not sure if I can overcome these if I were to reshoot the images. The first  photograph is of the bottom end of Brick Lane close to where a a nail bomb exploded in 1999 (the bomb […]

Umbra Sumus – latest photo edit and future locations

April 11, 2014


I have now narrowed down my edit to 15 photographs. I am content with the locations of these photographs and have identified texts to accompany each. This is still however an early edit. I want to revisit several of the sites and try again to make a photograph which I am convinced is a keeper. […]

Assignment Two

April 2, 2014


After what seems an awful long time I have now completed all the work I planned for Assignment Two and have sent this off to Sharon for feedback. The package I submitted included the following: Critical Review Text My critical review entitled CONTEXT AND MEANING IN DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY – A COMPARATIVE STUDY. In this I reviewed two […]

Critical Review – progress update

February 6, 2014


I have been spending a lot of time considering the critical framework for my review and researching my first photographer/work Roberts Frank/The Americans. It has become very clear to me even at this early stage that if I am to do each of my three chosen works justice my final text will be extremely long […]

Stay at 5 Fournier Street

January 4, 2014


I have been planning for some time to have a short stay in London’s East End to accelerate the process of photographing my chosen locations at unsocial hours (very early in the morning and late at night!). Next week my wife and I are very lucky to be staying at the ‘Townhouse’ which is a […]

YOP – taking stock

November 11, 2013


The latest set of images and texts are included in a pdf file. Just click on the photograph below: The frustrating thing about distance learning is that you long to be able to present your work in a seminar so that others can critically appraise it… posts will have to do, but I hope to […]

YOP – Plan of Study

October 31, 2013


I prepared an outline plan of study or Learning Contract for discussion with my tutor Sharon. We discussed this the other day and this post sets out my plan of action as agreed with Sharon. Having recently completed the Advanced module that is in effect an open book my initial reaction to the course notes […]

Ideas for YOP

August 26, 2013


I have not posted for a while but have been quietly thinking about how I will take forward my work on my final course Photography 3: Your Own Porfolio. The course is more structured than the Advanced module. I will be required to undertake a number of projects, a written critical review and a major […]