Assignment Four – Submission to Tutor

Posted on October 24, 2014


Today I have submitted my fourth assignment to my tutor….only one more to go now!

I submitted the latest form of the image/text pairings for Lifting the Curtain  in the form of a book. This may not be the final form but was a convenient way of showing the work at this stage. Click on the image below to see a PDF form of the book. This should be opened in Preview and viewed two pages at a time with the images on the LEFT HAND page.

Lifting the Curtain Book - Version Two Cover


I also included larger copies of the image files. I have decided to make all the images landscape format. This gives greater consistency to the series and also allows for consistency of presentation format in both image/text panel and book forms.The images are shown in the slideshow below:


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I also included two papers. The first contextualises my work and the second is a scope of work for my final assignment which will deal with presentation. PDF’s for these are below:

Contextual Framework for ‘Lifting the Curtain’

Assignment Five Scope of Work