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YOP Assignment One – Feedback from Tutor

December 5, 2013


Sharon responded very quickly to my submission and also spent some time reviewing the content of this blog. Her comments on both are included in the pdf note below: Keith Greenough YOP1 Sharon Feedback I have presented below a summary of her comments and my immediate response….some will take longer to respond to… Project one […]

YOP Assignment One – Submission to tutor

December 5, 2013


As agreed in my work plan my submission for Assignment One included the following: project one on Gestalt in composition, an artists statement and a few photographs for the Another Hawaii project (I have used images from this work for the Gestalt in composition project) my proposal for a Critical Review, my major project proposal […]

Project one Gestalt in composition

November 27, 2013


The YOP course notes explain how Gestalt theory has been valuable in its approach to visual recognition. Modern Gestalt theory takes an holistic approach to perception and proposes that in viewing an entire scene the mind can take a sudden leap from recognising the individual elements to understanding it in its entirety. A number of […]