Umbra Sumus – latest photo edit and future locations

Posted on April 11, 2014


I have now narrowed down my edit to 15 photographs. I am content with the locations of these photographs and have identified texts to accompany each. This is still however an early edit. I want to revisit several of the sites and try again to make a photograph which I am convinced is a keeper. These are the 15 photographs:


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I have a number of locations yet to visit. These are as follows:

  • Northern end of Hanbury Street – site of  ‘Jack the Ripper’ murder which by popular opinion ‘could only have been done by a Jew’,
  • Fashion Street – site of early settlement by Jewish immigrants,
  • Great Eastern Street – location of National Front offices for brief period in the late 70s/early 80s,
  • Whitechapel Road – site of former Pavillion Theatre (now a demolition site) where critical meetings took place during 1912 Jewish Taylor’s strike,
  • People’s Palace Interior (if possible) – theatre on site of previous People’s Palace (which burned down). It is now part of Queen Mary College on the Mile End Road – site of political rally mounted by the British Brothers League (and supported by MPs) in 1902 which subsequently led to the passing of the Aliens Act in 1905 restricting immigration (notably of Eastern European Jews),
  • Outside the Cafe Naz restaurant at the southern end of Brick Lane – site of nail bombing by neo-Nazi extremist in April 1999,
  • Toynbee Hall Interior (if possible) – philanthropic organisation founded as a mission in 1884 by Samuel Barnett. It offers advice and training to local people in need  (including immigrant groups).

It looks as if my goal of making 20 or more urban landscapes and interiors is going to prove feasible. I still have much work to do and have to work through my plan with Sharon. I am still thinking that I might focus on staging an exhibition, rather than pursuing a series of portraits….I may even do both yet!