Umbra Sumus 14th April Shoot

Posted on April 14, 2014


I have added two more image/text combinations to my select pool. Both images have some minor defects but not sure if I can overcome these if I were to reshoot the images.

The first  photograph is of the bottom end of Brick Lane close to where a a nail bomb exploded in 1999 (the bomb actually went off where I was standing when I took this photo). The bomb was detonated by a neo-Nazi extremist who was inspired by a futuristic novel about a revolution lead by a white Aryan group – the Turner Diaries. The book is still on sale today. The image has significant flare from a bright light dead centre. However it is located immediately above a car which occupies the spot where the nail bomb was detonated and so although the flare is technically a problem it does symbolise what happened here.

The book which been called a blueprint for terrorist bombings is still readily available today, priced online at £9.09 plus delivery charges.

The Turner Diaries is a novel which has been called a blueprint for terrorists. It tells the story of a white supremacist guerrilla army that overturns the government establishing a New Era of Aryan rule.

The second image is of a building on Great Eastern Street which between 1978 and 1980 was the headquarters of the National Front. They specifically moved their head office to this part of London as an act of intimidation against immigrant groups in the area. This image is not sharp throughout. I wanted to shoot at low ISO and I needed to keep the shutter speed down to just a few seconds to avoid the passing cars. I shot at f/10 and 4 seconds. The doorway to the right is not sharp but the main building is. I may need to go back at a less busy time.

Umbra Sumus April 14 - -20

In 1978, shortly after Margaret Thatcher said she could understand why English men and women might feel their country was being swamped by immigrants, the National Front moved its head office to Hackney.