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After Marville… but in what way?

November 9, 2015


As has often been the case when I start a new project I begin in one place and then move on. My starting point for looking at the redevelopment of East London was to a fair degree focussed on how the means of presentation could add layers of meaning to the photographs I produce. Specifically, […]

After Marville…

November 5, 2015


I have decided to rename my project, which is exploring redevelopment/gentrification in the East London districts of Shoreditch, Spitalfields and Whitechapel, After Marville… The previous name Blueprint presumed the use of cyanotype as the means of printing the work. At this stage it seems much more appropriate to leave things open. My tentative version one artist’s […]

Umbra Sumus – Posters and a Pop Up Gallery

March 30, 2014


Re-writing my artists statement for my East End project (Umbra Sumus), has prompted me to think again about how I might present the work. My thoughts to date have centred on high quality gallery prints of the image text panels. However, having re-positioned my work to be an exploration of the ephemeral nature of immigration in […]

Umbra Sumus – Artists Statement Update

March 28, 2014


I have looked again at my artist statement for Umbra Sumus (I appear to have fixed on this as the title for my East End Work). Here is the latest version which updates the critical context for the work and seeks the position the work as an exploration of the ephemeral nature of immigration in […]

Self Doubt and ‘Umbra Sumus’…

November 18, 2013


I have been thinking a lot about how I want viewers to respond to my East End work. At the moment I’m very concerned that it is coming over as a travelog or worse still a tourist brochure…this place is where this event took place and so on. This is absolutely NOT what I’m aiming […]

Assignment 6: Ironman Family – Submission and Feedback

January 7, 2013


Just before Xmas, I completed my selections of photographs for this long standing project, prepared my accompanying text and sent these off to Jesse Alexander my tutor for his feedback. “Ironman Family”  is a series of portraits of  friends who compete in the endurance sport Ironman Triathlon. My idea was to document this group of people […]

Assignment 6: Ironman Family

November 8, 2012


I have once again revisited my Artist’s Statement for my portraits series of friends who compete in ironman triathlon. I have been progressing the work throughout the last year and have now made around 24 portraits. I expect to make a few more before the end of the course but essentially the work now on […]

I am an Ironman Latest Thinking and updated Artists Statement

July 30, 2012


In the light of my developing understanding of this work as documented in my last post on the subject I have updated my artists statement for this work. ‘I am an Ironman’ remains the working title for the work which most likely will now be called ‘Ironman Family’. Artist’s Statement – I am an Ironman (Version […]

Enrollment for Advanced Photography Course

December 4, 2011


A few days ago I enrolled for the Level 3 Advance course in photography. I have been busy preparing and sending off some initial ideas to my tutor Moira Lovell. Moira was my tutor for the Progressing with Digital level 2 course and I found her input very useful. It will be interesting to see […]

I am an Ironman – second draft Artist’s Statement

November 28, 2011


I will keep reviewing my Artist’s Statement for this work as I assimilate information from my research. I have the sense that the original draft did not accurately reflect the documentary nature of the work. Ironman has a tangible visible form represented by the physical shape, clothing, hairstyles, tattoos etc of the athletes. My aim […]

Advanced Studies Initial Concept and Aesthetic/Practical Considerations

November 25, 2011


I realise that I need to take a decision on the subject for my Advanced studies. I believe now that I can proceed with the Advanced work in parallel with Understanding Visual Culture. My main subject area will be Portraits in Series. I will undertake a critical review of the genre and conduct several projects […]