East End Transformations… updated

Posted on February 11, 2016


I processed the images in my previous post very quickly to get a feel for the way in which the pinhole images might look. Too quickly with hindsight and I have since explored the nature of the processing more thoroughly with reference to Charles Marville’s photographic prints of Paris.

The first set of images were’t right – too much structure/clarity, the burned edges too mannered, too much detail remaining in the skies *, too much contrast and so on…

* Marville used the wet collodion process to create his negatives. With this process warm colors appear dark, cool colors such as the blue sky and white clouds are uniformly light.

These four photographs are much more representative of what I have in mind.

East End Transformations -4

Bell Lane ©Keith Greenough 2016

East End Transformations -3

Brushfield Street ©Keith Greenough 2016

East End Transformations -1

Great Eastern Street ©Keith Greenough 2016

East End Transformations -2

Former Fruit and Wool Exchange Spitalfields ©Keith Greenough 2016

I’ve also given a bit more thought as to how I might present them as prints. If I were to present them as Marville did, the prints would be stuck to card (often pale blue) with a title label also mounted on the card. Something like this…

East End Transformations  Marville Print Example-1

East End Transformations… presented in the style of Charles Marville, Photographer of Paris ©Keith Greenough 2016

More food for thought. Interestingly there is a proposal to demolish the 1920s house on the left in this photograph of Bell Lane and replace it with a new house for Tracey Emin which will look something like this…

Emin David Chipperfield House