A lot going on…

Posted on October 21, 2016


Been very busy lately preparing for two exhibitions at once. Thankfully the installation of ‘[( 6 )] go to Oxford’ exhibition is being handled by RobTM and Tanya Ahmed. The exhibition opens today a few thousand miles away….very exciting all the same!!


‘[( 6 )] go to Oxford’ Installation Oxford Riverside Gallery, Oxford Nova Scotia, Canada

Closer to home, preparations for my exhibition ‘Social Change in Tower Hamlets…100 Years since Charles Booth’ – a collaboration with Oxford House in Bethnal Green and the New Policy Institute are now pretty well complete. All the photographs are printed and framed, the wall panels have been printed (and look good), the PhotoBooth video is edited and formatted for display, the handouts are complete and the date for the private view and artist’s talk (by me and Karen Barker of NPI) set for 10th November. Press release goes out this week and Oxford House are working on marketing the event. I plan to email my contact list but expect that many who came to my exhibition last year might feel that twice is too much!

I have also now updated my personal gallery website and the Lifting the Curtain website to reflect the recent developments. The new work on show at the exhibition is PhotoBooth. This takes two forms: an edited video to be shown for the first time at the private view and a series of portraits, which are now up on  http://www.keithgreenough.com. Click on the image below to preview the work.


Now to prepare my artist’s talk…only 10-15 minutes in the gallery space. The brevity probably means I need to prepare even more!!