[( 6 )] Goes to Oxford

Posted on September 19, 2016


Back from Oxford now having completed the work on the idea I came up with a while ago see here. The mode of production has moved on somewhat since my first idea but the fundamental idea has remained constant. I have some more processing to do but the first image/text panels are off the production line along with the format of postcard. These first images are to be included in the catalogue/postcards.

I have drafted a statement, also to be included in the catalogue for the forthcoming exhibition:

GEORGE STREET is a series of photographs of the facades of buildings along this historic street in Oxford. The photographs are flat, frontal views with limited expressive effects. They have the appearance of architectural drawings and in keeping with this analogy a legend is included on each print, with details of the address, the current occupants and the nature of the businesses trading there in Victorian times (extracted from the 1896/7 Kelly’s Directory). The form of presentation encourages the viewer to look carefully at the architecture and the social and cultural influences enacted on it. This is in sharp contrast to the way in which people generally pay little attention to the buildings around them as they hurry about their daily lives.

Here are the images:



And here is the postcard…no text on this one…



I will complete the remaining processing and printing in the next couple of weeks.