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Umbra Sumus simple poster designs

April 7, 2014


Further to my previous post on presentation approaches (see here), I have prepared some mock-ups of possible poster designs for the Umbra Sumus Pop-Up Gallery. Posters typical have a bold design aimed at capturing the attention of an audience. There is however a trend in popular culture in which artworks are reproduced in an inexpensive […]

East End Project – Image/text selections for now

January 13, 2014


I’ve decided to put my current deliberations on image selection and how to present the image/text pairings on hold for now as I am falling behind on the work I need to do for my Critical Review. I have selected 13 images which work for me at least in principle. Some of the images I […]

East End Project Texts – embedded texts

January 12, 2014


Another question which has been vexing me is how to physically link the text and image for viewing. There are many options: a slide show with the text presented before/alongside/after the image; a book with text presented on the opposite page to the image; a book with text captions in an appendix; gallery prints with […]

East End Project Texts – anchor, relay or both?

January 12, 2014


I have been thinking a lot about how my texts will work with the photographs for the East End project. I have always thought that the text component would comprise of a title, which would locate the photograph in today’s East End, and a caption which would provide an additional, parallel, stream of information. I […]

East End Work – Texts, copyright and books

November 15, 2013


I have been quoting texts from work by other authors to set alongside my images for the Always Follow Ur Dreams!! In fact, I have been considering whether to use only quotations rather than text I have written. I thought it would be wise to check on copyright restrictions and how this might affect my […]

YOP – taking stock

November 11, 2013


The latest set of images and texts are included in a pdf file. Just click on the photograph below: The frustrating thing about distance learning is that you long to be able to present your work in a seminar so that others can critically appraise it… posts will have to do, but I hope to […]