Book Sales and Exhibition Catalogue

Posted on July 3, 2015


Sales of the book for Lifting the Curtain have been going very well. I have sold 35 out of the limited edition of 40 signed copies. As a result I will only have a few copies for sale at the exhibition.  In view of this I have decided to produce a relatively high quality catalogue for the exhibition. I will be able to show 14 of the image/text diptychs at the exhibition given the space available, so these are the image/text pairings I have included in the catalogue. I have also included the Toynbee Hall Foreword, my Artist’s Statement, essays on Charles Booth and on the Landscape of East London and an annotated version of Booth’s Poverty Map.

The design of the catalogue is a slightly different from the book. I have adopted a more ‘marketing oriented’ style. The catalogue will be soft covered A5 portrait size, stitched along the spine. Here is the latest edit of the catalogue. I plan to produce 100 copies priced at £5. If  I sell them all then I will raise another £500 for Toynbee Hall. Click on the image below to preview the catalogue. The colour rendition is not quite right as the pdf was produced for printing rather than viewing on line. It is best viewed by opening in Preview and viewing two pages at a time.

Front page LTC Catalogue

Lifting the Curtain Exhibition Catalogue