New Work – Out of the Shadows

Posted on July 12, 2015


I have been developing an idea for new work which follows on from ‘Lifting the Curtain’. The project is code-named ‘Out of the Shadows’. The idea is to continue to explore how East London is changing through demographic shifts, its relationship with the rest of London and recent redevelopment (in term of both the physical infrastructure and its post industrial economy).

As with ‘Lifting the Curtain’ I am keen for the redevelopment of the place in the context of its past. The work will once again be a series of urban landscapes, but this time the reference to the past will be through the mode of presentation. My plan is to use traditional printing processes for the work. I have discussed this project in a previous post here.

I have started to progress the idea and this weekend I attended a one on one workshop with Platinum printer Richard Freestone from 139 Print Room .

I was delighted with the quality of the prints I made during the weekend and was very satisfied that my concept seems to have wings. I have another workshop coming up at Central St Martins at the end of July when I will explore other traditional printing processes.

Here are some iPhone photographs of my prints from the weekend. All were made from digital negatives. The original images were made using both film (120 Portra), Leica Digital (M9) and Phase One (IQ260)…it is amazing how the common printing process creates a single aesthetic from such disparate sources.

Output from weekend's printing

Output from weekend’s printing

Wentworth Street ©Keith Greenough 2015

Wentworth Street
©Keith Greenough 2015

Narrow Street ©Keith Greenough 2015

Narrow Street
©Keith Greenough 2015

Royal Albert Docks ©Keith Greenough 2015

Royal Albert Docks
©Keith Greenough 2015