Lifting the Curtain Website

Posted on June 19, 2015


I have had a bit of a break from photography following submission of work for assessment but I am now busy planning for my exhibition in October. I have organised the printing and framing of the images/texts, drafted the form of an exhibition catalogue and have now established a ‘Lifting the Curtain’ website. The intention is that the website will act as an information and sales platform in support of the exhibition. My idea is that I will use the site as a reference point in all communications about the exhibition. I plan posters, a catalogue, postcards/business cards and a price list for the prints. My thought is that prospective visitors to the exhibition will be able to whet their appetites in advance of the exhibition. Those who don’t purchase prints or books when they visit the exhibition will be able to re-examine the work at their leisure by perusing the website later. The website is now up and running at

Lifting the Curtain Website ©Keith Greenough 2015

Lifting the Curtain Website ©Keith Greenough 2015

I would be interested in any comments on the site in terms of content, glitches, aesthetics….