Second Assignment for my Tutor

Posted on March 9, 2012


The submission of my plan for the Advanced studies constituted my first assignment for the Advanced work. I now need to move on to the next assignment.

I had a long discussion about this with Moira Lovell my tutor today. She has encouraged me to focus on one area for the moment and to present a series of photographs with a brief rationale to her as my next assignment. I have decided to focus on the Museum work as this is a project for which I can reach an early view on a set of photographs – these will not necessarily be a final set. I plan to submit this work to Moira within the next month. It will comprise of around 12 photographs and a brief 500 word overview explaining what it’s about, the influences my work and the context within which it has been produced.

Moira is encouraging me to take a less prescriptive approach to the development of my work and to allow things to evolve more. This I plan to do but it does make me a little edgy not knowing exactly where things are going. As a mathematician by training I like to have things arranged in their neat little boxes….The new approach will take me out of my comfort zone but could well result in much more interesting work in the long run…