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Umbra Sumus simple poster designs

April 7, 2014


Further to my previous post on presentation approaches (see here), I have prepared some mock-ups of possible poster designs for the Umbra Sumus Pop-Up Gallery. Posters typical have a bold design aimed at capturing the attention of an audience. There is however a trend in popular culture in which artworks are reproduced in an inexpensive […]

Umbra Sumus – reflections on work to date

April 6, 2014


It’s time to take stock of how my concept for my East End London (Umbra Sumus) is working in practice. The conceptual basis for the work is intended to operate as follows: The subject is the transient nature of immigration in London’s East End. This is to be represented through a series of photographs of […]

Always Follow etc…Some thoughts on more open ended text

November 2, 2013


Having re-read the last post and also thought about Catherine’s comment I have recast two of the texts. The first concerns racially motivated murders. The text seems to propose that despite memorials such as Altab Ali Park racially motivated murders are still all too commonplace… The second text relates to the National Front and the […]

Always Follow Ur Dreams!! – More texts

November 2, 2013


I have been researching the history of immigration in the East End with a view to finding texts which direct me towards possible images for this project. This rather turns my normal approach upside down – I usually make the photographs and then think about the captions. I am not simply looking for captions in […]