Venezia Camera Obscura – The Movie

Posted on October 17, 2012


I have turned my Pinhole photographs of Venice into a short movie…thought this was a good way to look at them as I am able to control the pace and order of the viewing…add a bit of atmospheric music and it hangs together as a nice package.the photographs are  a series of urban landscapes/interiors captured in the early morning and late afternoon with a Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera. All were taken on Ilford Pan F film and exposures ranged from 2 seconds to 30 minutes. I see this as the antithesis of the iPhone movie….made it much slower and gentler…one day I will figure out where i am going with my photography. In the meantime though I’m having fun. The video is on Vimeo, just click the image below to link to the site.

Venezia Camera Obscura by Keith Greenough

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