‘I am an Ironman’ Self Portraits – Progress

Posted on July 1, 2012


I  have been continuing to work on this series. Recently I have completed a set which I am thinking of as a set which represents me ‘Ready to race’. I have a race coming up in Frankfurt one week today.

At its heart this work is an autobiographical piece about what its like to train for a long distance endurance sport. Most sports/event photography concentrates on the glorious moment when the athlete crosses the finish line. I am trying to represent what its really all about – a lot of hard work, which is quite often boring and repetitive with the athlete experiencing a range of emotions along the way. As indicated in the previous post here , I have been attempting to ‘present myself as I am’ by minimising aesthetic embellishment and trying to catch myself ‘too tired to pose’.

I am thinking in terms of three sets of 10 photographs for the assignment. Set one will be ‘Winter base training’ see here. Set three will be ‘Ready to race’. And set two, which I have yet to complete will be ‘Peak training Week’. The latter I will complete during my run up to my next event which is at the end of August – the photographs will be taken at the end of July/early August. (I was not able to complete this during the run up for my first race as I was away training in Lanzarote with limited access to studio facilities.)

Here is the latest set for the series.

‘I am an Ironman’ Self Portraits – June:July