Revisit of Urban Artists

Posted on March 2, 2012


I had another look at the Urban Artists photos from the other day to see if on reflection my view of the photographs remains the same. There are a number of lessons to be learned:

  1. There are too many action shots….great for the guys but not so great for a portrait series
  2. I think I can catch them in reverie and this will lead to some interesting work but I need more posed shots…I just have to persist with this and hopefully break through their tendency to clown around and to be self conscious….maybe the latter is an element I should be happy to show
  3. In taking portraits against the background of the murals I need to be very careful about how I position them relative to the mural. I also need to open up a little to provide more distance between subject and background, i.e. blurring of the background.
  4. I need to be careful about how the light is striking the murals. In Floyds there was a difficult mixture of light sources, window light which was very blue, tungsten from a spotlight which was very directional and my own flash fill…this has posed some interesting dilemmas in post processing about colour temperature.

I thought I would post another shot of Spzero76, this time a posed portrait….