Video of Cove Meeting House photographs

Posted on February 20, 2012


I decided to create a video from the Cove Meeting House photographs so that I could download the entire essay to the OCA Flickr website. This way I could ensure that the photographs would be viewed at the pace and in the order that I wanted. Clive White one of the OCA tutors commented on the video and suggested that it might be improved by adding sound..

Following Clive’s suggestion, I’ve added sound to this short video. To begin with I inserted music in the form of a royalty free download. The music was a powerful celtic folk instrumental which was very emotional. It certainly added atmosphere but also seemed to take over from the photographs because the music was so emotionally charged. I replaced this will a simple recording of the sea lapping against a beach….just as it was at the time I visited the place.  Whilst adding atmosphere it does not overwhelm the photographs. It adds to the sense of desolation in the photographs. The final version can be seen here Cove Meeting House