Visit to Wester Ross

Posted on February 19, 2012


Just got back from a few days on a photo workshop in Wester Ross. It was very instructive particularly from the point of view of photo editing and book production. I also gained some valuable hands on help with my 5×4 camera.

One of the tasks we took on during the week was to produce a mini book made up of photographs of a single subject all taken within a two hour period. My book was a series photographs of a sea-shore panorama with a barbed wire fence in the foreground. The individual photographs seemed to work well as a series, however, as a book they all seemed too similar. The effect was altogether too repetive. I also managed to get the sequencing of photographs wrong which meant that the book did not ‘work’. So some valuable lessons learned!

I will not know for a while how well the 5×4 images worked. The weather was not that great with high winds at times and lots of rain. I decided not to use the 5×4 on the worst days as in gale force conditions the bellows operate just like a sail!

We did find a really interesting abandoned church building at a little place called Cove. It was a simple building made up of corregated steel. The pews were all stacked up against the walls and there was broken glass and abandoned gaelic bibles strewn around. I took a series of shots in and around Cove Meeting House which work well as a series….see below.

Cove Meeting House by Keith Greenough