about me

My name is keith greenough and I am a photographer and student of photography. My work ranges from landscapes to portraiture and street photography. I am a student at the Open College of the Arts in the United Kingdom. This blog contains reflections and musings on my photographic experiences and learning.

The title of the blog refers to two elements of photography.

photo refers to light (phos means light in greek).  Light falling  on light sensitive film or digital sensors is the means by which photographs are created. The quality of the light is also a vital ingredient  which differentiates great photographs from the mundane.

graph is refers to the fact that all photographs are ‘texts’ and can be read (graphos means I write in greek). The photographer’s original intention might be to convey  mood, emotion or simply to document. However, when read by subsequent viewers new meanings are attributed. Such meanings are also greatly influenced by the context within which the  image is viewed.

My aspiration is to make photo-graphs which are aesthetically strong, distinguished by the quality of the light and which have something to say whilst remaining open and intriguing.

Keith Greenough August 2011

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