The Results are in…

Posted on July 29, 2015


I have been very busy on a course at Central St Martins – alternative processing. So busy that I missed the fact that the results for YOP are in. My mark was 72% which combined with the 80% for Advanced gives me a First Class Honours Degree.

Truth is that I was secretly hoping for a mark closer to that for the Advanced. I felt that whilst the quantity of my submission was lower the quality was higher. This view was based on the public acceptance of the work in exhibitions and an on line magazine. I was marked down for creativity, otherwise I would have achieved my aim. It is good to have ambition but it would be churlish to be disappointed. I have exceeded my own expectations with the overall result and am delighted!!

It is strange that my feelings on receiving the results was one of sadness. A page of my life has turned and I now have to look forward. My immediate goal for my photography is to explore alternative processes as an interesting diversion and a possible source of inspiration for future study. I plan to take a break from formal study and take stock of how I am thinking early next year…

For now adios OCA….

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