Assignment Four Tutor Feedback

Posted on January 27, 2015


Somewhat belatedly I am posting the feedback from my tutor for assignment four.

Sharon’s comments were largely positive and I got the sense that she felt I was on track and that ‘Lifting the Curtain’ is now working well. With regards to the book her key comment was that it would be stronger if I reordered the image/text combinations to end the book on an significant social issue rather than one dealing with everyday social relations. This is a good point and I have now amended the book. I discuss the logic behind my sequencing of the image/texts in the book in my forthcoming paper on presentation (this will be a key component of my assignment five submission).

Sharon also questioned why I have chosen to use dark grey script rather than black for the text in the book. This is an aesthetic judgement. I feel that the grey adds to the dream like quality of these statements from the past. I plan to retain this as a design feature.

Sharon also made the point that I should properly document my reflections on my work being shown in PhotoMonth 2014. This I have done here.

Sharon’s full feedback is given in the pdf file below:

Tutor Feedback Assignment Four YOP