Photograph selected for Photofusion Salon/14

Posted on October 31, 2014


I am really pleased that one of my photographs has been selected to be shown in the print show at Photofusion Salon/14. The exhibition will run from 12 December 2014 – 30 January 2015, with the Private View taking place on Thursday 11 December, 18.30 – 21.00.

I was lucky enough last year to have my ‘I am an Ironman’ series exhibited at Salon/13. This took the form of a grid. This year I thought I would follow the same theme of grid presentation but this time my ‘portrait’ subjects are life guard stations on South Beach, Miami.

The Art Deco style lifeguard stations are located along the beach near Ocean Drive. The photographs in the grid were made on consecutive mornings during a four day stay in South Beach. I made 2 images a day with my Ebony 4×5, one just before sunrise and the other just after. I used Kodak Portra 400.

The life guard stations are a unique aesthetic attribute of South Beach and might be considered a bit of a cliche photographically. But by showing them as a grid with each station photographed using the same angle of view, composition, lens and so on I hope I have created something different. The work speaks to the diversity of South Beach, its creative spark, its colourful people and its reputation for fun. Many of the stations were rebuilt after Hurricane Andrew, and local architect William Lane helped redesign them.

The work also tips its hat, in a light hearted way, at the industrial/conceptual photography of the Bechers….

The print will be quite large, 40 inches by 20 inches. I plan to make a c-print and have it mounted on dibond with a sub-frame….might cost a bit but it is a piece I will install at home afterwards. Here it is…

South Beach ©Keith Greenough 2013

South Beach
©Keith Greenough 2013