‘Lifting the Curtain’ photographs selected—PHOTOMONTH EAST LONDON International Photography Festival 2014

Posted on October 28, 2014


Four of my image/text panels have been selected for the print show at the PHOTOMONTH EAST LONDON International Photography Festival 2014. Here’s the announcement of the event:

Photomonth Open


These are the four images:

Keith Greenough ©2014

Keith Greenough ©2014

The organisers are handling the printing….a bit nervous about that as not sure how the prints will turn out. I am expecting relatively small prints to be shown – 42 cm square perhaps. Not sure if they will be mounted…more likely that they will be pinned to the wall….no problem with that. Looking forward to the opening on 6th November. Having work shown at a public exhibition in East London is a major breakthrough for me. I am hopeful that it will help me to get support for staging an exhibition or book sales….

The exhibition is at Rich Mix on Bethnal Green Road….at top of Brick Lane.

Rix Mix