MUSEUM – Latest Edit

Posted on March 24, 2013


The latest edit of my photographs from the candid portrait series ‘Museum’ is shown in a pdf slideshow below. I have yet to decide what work I will submit for assessment but it is likely that the museum work will have to be left out. Not fully sure about this yet. I will wait until I have had the feedback on all of my assignments. In total I did 6 plus my reflective review. The assessment notes say I need to submit four sets of photographs…too much choice. I have already decided that I won’t be putting the ‘Market’ series for that leaves five out of which I have to set one aside…..


I plan to print off these final selection of my photographs and mount them as described in the Victoria and Albert Museum note here. Essentially an acid free window mount is hinged to an acid free backing board. The photograph is then hinge mounted onto the window mount. Archival hinging tissue is used for this. The 12 mounted photographs will then be placed in a 5 cm deep clamshell portfolio box made from archival materials and covered in buckram. If I submit the work I will get the front cover embossed with the title of the work and my name. The mounts will be 11×14 inches and the prints 10×7 inches. I will be using Inova Fibaprint Ultra Smooth Gloss for the prints. These  will be printed on my Epson 3800 inkjet printer using the Advanced Black and White print capability.