Rotarians (after Hill & Adamson)

Posted on February 2, 2013


I have renamed my series of portraits of my local Rotary club members, Rotarians (after Hill & Adamson). This is more specific and avoids unwanted connotations such as football, nightclubs, golf and so on. I have completed 11 portraits….11 is an odd number (both literally and in terms of a project like this)….I think 12 might have been better. But I have reached a logical break point in my work.

I am away for a week and by the time I get back and am able to fix up some more portrait sittings my chemicals for development will need changing. I had hoped to do this at a time when I know I will have a lot of processing (to get a lot of usage from it during its limited shelf life). I have some ‘one shot’ chemicals so that I can continue to develop in the meantime but this is not so fine grained and not really suitable for these portraits. I also have a deadline to meet for my final assignment and I have much to do…not least to write up this project, the 45 seconds… project and my reflective account!!!

These are the portraits I have made so far. I think in time I will do a few more. We have some Asian members and I would like them to be represented. We might also have a few more women members soon. I was also thinking of inviting our Rotary District Governor to participate. She is a woman and lives locally. So I will do some more work on this in time for my assessment submission….just not now.

Rotarians (after Hill & Adamson)

Rotarians (after Hill & Adamson)