Photographic Charity Work…

Posted on January 30, 2013


I’ve been helping out a local company. They wanted some portraits of their staff for their website. I spent a little time with them on three separate occasions. The idea was that I would make their portraits (good practice for me) and they would make a donation to my Rotary charity if they liked the photographs.

My mission on this occasion was to try to make my subjects look helpful and business like and of course to look their best. This is rather different from the work I have been doing for my Advanced module of the OCA photography degree which has been directed at exploring ways to ‘disarm’ the subject’s pose.

The photographs were all taken using a portable studio – a collapsible background, single light (Elinchrom Quadra) with soft-box, reflector for fill and my Canon 5D Mk 3 with 24-105 zoom. I also did a little retouching, something which I just don’t do for my documentary portraiture work.

It is interesting that I have had lots of positive feedback from my subjects when doing this work. Something which I just don’t get when I am asking my subjects to hold a pose for 45 seconds and I’m pointing a 5×4 camera right up their noses!!! Here are the portraits:
Portait Collage-1

The good news is that they liked the work and so £350 will be winging its way to my Rotary Club charity account very soon.