Voluntary ‘Event’ Photography

Posted on October 11, 2012


From time to time I do what might be called ‘commercial’ photography. In fact it is anything but commercial as I volunteer to capture photographs at local events. Much of this is linked to my membership of our local Rotary Club. It is largely event work although I have occasionally done some portraiture. It is good for honing my skills at reportage photography. I thought I would post a few images from a recent event here to demonstrate my involvement with these projects. It adds to the general picture of my photographic efforts. The photographs below were all made at a local fete to celebrate a local Orchard project sponsored by my Rotary club. The orchard is used for education of local children and as a focal point for events such as this in the local community.

Orchard Day photographs by Keith Greenough

Orchard Day photographs by Keith Greenough