East End Update

Posted on September 25, 2012


In my spare time I have continued to develop my ideas for a long term project on London’s East End. I have been spending some time in the area getting to know the geography, reading some historical work and dipping into Jack London’s People of the Abyss. This book written in 1903 is about life in the East End of London in 1902. He wrote this first-hand account by living in the East End (including the Whitechapel District) for several months, sometimes staying in workhouses or sleeping on the streets. The conditions he experienced and wrote about were the same as those endured by an estimated 500,000 of the contemporary Londoners.

Here are a few of my recent photographs:

Royal Albert Dock looking West from Gallions Point, with the University of East London on the right and London City Airport on the left. photographs by Keith Greenough

Looking along runway of London City Airport towards Canary Wharf. Photograph by Keith Greenough

Royal Victoria Dock, London. Photograph by Keith Greenough

Gardens near Holton Street, Stepney. Photograph by Keith Greenough.

Entrance to mosque on corner of Fournier Street and Brick Lane, Spittalfields, London. Photograph by Keith Greenough.