Long Exposure Portraits – Using digital back with Hasselblad and pinhole lens

Posted on September 15, 2012


I have figured out a way to use the Hasselblad with my digital back to make the photographs for this series. Really I would like to do it on film but the turnaround time is very slow. I have enrolled on a course at the CityLit which is in November to learn more about processing my own film which might speed things up a bit. It took 2 weeks to get my black and white films, which I shot during my trip to the US, developed and scanned!! I am also going to try another lab in central London – West End Cameras.

In the meantime using the digital back will help me to formulate how I plan to carry out the assignment….I certainly need some rapid feedback.

Here is a self portrait made with  the digital back, Hasselblad and pinhole adapter…it was a 50 second exposure which is about the same as the exposure times for the early Calotypes.

Self Portrait looking away – 50 second exposure

The definition of the facial features is much better with the digital back and by keeping the exposure time down to about a minute or so. I sometimes wonder why I am doing so many self portraits. Truth is that I need a subject and those around me run for cover when I get my camera out….I can’t really escape! Here is a self portrait by David Octavius Hill…

David Octavius Hill standing at the gate to his studio, Rock House, on the stairs leading up to Calton Hill – a calotype by Hill & Adamson