Assignment 3 – I am an Ironman Self Portraits – Submission

Posted on August 16, 2012


I have now submitted this work to my tutor. I must say that I very unsure of what his comments will be. The work is a little more experimental than  I have normally have presented. That said to establish one’s  voice as a photographer I think one has to take some risks…

A pdf file of my tutor notes can be viewed  here:

Assignment 3 I am an Ironman self portraits

Were I to show my portraits in an exhibition I would present them in three grids of 10 photographs. Each grid would include the portraits from the same period of the training and would be captioned with a quotation from my training diary from that time.  The quotation provides some context for the viewer, but is not too prescriptive, and the use of the grid presentation invites the viewer to compare the portraits and reinforces the repetitive nature of the training. I presented the portraits this form to my tutor. The final images are below. I have included the title and caption for each.

February – March 2012 – Building the base
‘The race seems a long way off. Will I get there? Feeling so out of condition and overweight’

June 2012 – Ready to race?
‘Am I ready to race? Not feeling as strong as I usually do. Lets hope I stay injury free’

August 2012 – Struggling on
‘Recovery from Frankfurt painfully slow. Have lost some condition. Louisville is going to be a slow one’