Posted on June 22, 2012


I was encouraged by both tutors who assessed my Museum photographs to continue with the work. This I have been doing and plan to continue. I have decided to periodically post my latest edit to the blog to keep track on the development (and perhaps get some feedback). Based on my tutor’s comments and my own reflections I have decided to refocus the work a little with the following key points in mind:

  1. My work will continue to be empathetic to the subjects – I have no intention of ridiculing or demeaning them.
  2. The portraits are candid catching the subjects unawares and by so doing recording natural rather than posed expressions.
  3. All of the photographs seek to show the engagement of the subjects with the museum artefacts/exhibits through their gaze and body language.
  4. I will continue with a grainy, high contrast black and white aesthetic, which I hope will enhance the ‘voyeuristic’ appeal of the photographs. In the same vein many of the images will be shot through glass, between exhibits and such like to add to the ‘voyeuristic’ feel.
  5. I will maintain my position that the photographs will be of adults, given the modern day taboos surrounding photographing children.
  6. I will title the photographs in numbered sequence by Museum/Collection and will over time extend the work to cover more locations.

Here is my latest edit.

Museum by Keith Greenough (22 June 2012 edit)