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Assignment Three Submission and Feedback

July 28, 2014


A little while ago I submitted my material for Assignment Three to Sharon my tutor. I have now had feedback from her and this posts documents both my submission and the feedback. The submission comprised of four elements. Two projects which are a prescribed part of the coursework for YOP. I decided to carry out both of […]

Project five an impartial view

May 11, 2014


For project five the student is asked to document a subject in as objective a manner as possible without skewing the presentation to a particular point of view. I decided to explore the question of impartiality by making new work for an ongoing project — a portraiture series of landscape photographers.(I have given this work a new working title: Portraits […]

Project one Gestalt in composition

November 27, 2013


The YOP course notes explain how Gestalt theory has been valuable in its approach to visual recognition. Modern Gestalt theory takes an holistic approach to perception and proposes that in viewing an entire scene the mind can take a sudden leap from recognising the individual elements to understanding it in its entirety. A number of […]

Project nine change

November 23, 2013


I have been revisiting the contact sheets for my Women and Landscape photographs. I was struck by the subtle differences in the poses of the four women I have photographed so far and I wondered if this arose because of my editing or because how I and my subject interacted on the day. In project […]